Tithe Grant 2018

The Winner of the 2018 Tithe Grant was announced at a ceremony at the House of William Blake on 12 December 2018.

This year’s theme was a Monogram and the judge was the master lettercutter Lida Cardozo of the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop.

48 people entered the 2018 Award (some with multiple entries) and they came from all around the world including America, Australia, Canada, The Cook Islands, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

We are delighted to announce that the Winner of the 2018 Tithe Grant is Francesca Croce.

Francesca is from Italy and in currently a doctoral student at the Warburg Institute in London researching Alchemical Transformation, Meditatio and Imagination in the influence of Gérard Dorn (an early modern physician & Paracelsian c.1530-1584) on Carl Gustav Jung.

Our Congratulations to Francesca Croce and here is her winning monogram:

The published Guidelines for the 2018 Award are archived immediately below for your interest:

Each year the Society gives a grant to encourage a work of the imagination. We call it the Tithe Grant because the prize is funded by donating 10% of the income from our annual subscriptions. The theme of the Grant changes every year ~ music, photography, film, aphorisms, painting, letter writing …

This year the 2018 Tithe Grant will be awarded to a monogram.

William Blake’s own monogram integrates so many aspects of his life into a single seamless loop that we are inviting people in 2018 to create their own personal monogram that captures your life in your initials. Monograms were important devices for artists from Albrecht Dürer through Eric Gill to David Bowie. They also personalise corporate endeavours through the likes of Coco Chanel, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz.

We try to invite a Judge who champions the particular theme of the year, for example we have been honoured to have the Master of the Queen’s Music Judith Weir for choral music, the Hollywood director Alan Parker for film, the Turner Prize Winner Jeremy Deller for drawing, Stephen Fry for aphorisms, and the novelist Tracy Chevalier for letter writing. This year’s judge will be the letter-cutter Lida Cardozo of the Kindersley Cardozo Workshop.

The Tithe Grant is open to anyone, anywhere and is entirely free to enter.


A Monogram is deemed to be a design incorporating your initials.

Please indicate separately and typographically the Initials used in the design.

Please present your design to fit on an A5 size sheet.

Please remember to include your Name & Address so that we may contact you if you are one of the finalists.

Entries may be sent by email in the form of a high resolution JPEG to:
or posted to:
Tithe Grant 2018
The Blake Society
St James’s Church
197 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LL

Entries must be received by 28 November 2018.

The winning entry and runners up will be announced at the December Blake Society event to be held at the House of William Blake on 12 December 2018.

Unfortunately the Blake Society is unable to return submissions sent by post.

Any questions should be emailed to:

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : What is the financial value of the 2018 Tithe Grant?
A : £471 representing 10% of our subscription income from 2017.
Q : If I do not live in the UK may I take part?
A : Yes! Previous winners have come from as far away as Australia and Alaska.
Q : If I am not a citizen of the UK may I take part?
A : Yes! The only Nation is the ImagiNation.
Q : Do I have to be a member of the Blake Society to take part?
A : No. All are welcome.
Q : Do I have to be over 18 years of age to enter?
A : Yes.
Q : How many monograms may I submit?
A : You can submit as many as you wish – but how many integrities do you have?
Q : Should entries be anonymous?
A : A monogram is a contrary of anonymity, albeit cryptic (so include your contact details)!
Q : Can a monogram contain other graphic elements?
A : Simplicity is an element of a monogram.
Q : Should the monogram be rendered in Black & White?
A : Not necessarily, but please include a B&W version too.
Q : Can a monogram reflect its application to a Digital Age?
A : Yes!
Q : Will the Award be announced online?
A : Yes, details of the Finalists and the Winner will be announced on our website on this page shortly after the Award Ceremony.
Q : Can I enter a Monogram that I have created for another person?
A : Yes, provided you have their permission. The Award goes to the designer.