The printing history of the combined Songs is complicated because Blake printed it while also continuing to print Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience separately, and because some copies of the combined Songs were assembled by collectors or dealers from copies of Innocence and Experience separately issued, while other copies now consist of only one section. The separately issued copies of Innocence are listed under Songs of Innocence, while the few separate and separately issued copies of Experience are listed below. Experience was first printed while it was still a work in progress; seventeen of the plates were color printed in c. 1794 and now make up Songs copies F, G, H, and T1-2. The first copies of the combined Songs were B, C, and D, formed in 1794 from copies of Innocence printed in 1789 and copies of the complete Experience printed in 1794. Combined Songs copy E also consists mostly of impressions from these print runs, but appears to have been assembled or at least recolored c. 1806 for Blake’s patron Thomas Butts.(Text from the William Blake Archive, with thanks.)

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