Blake Journal 9

Charles Hobday: Blake and Lafayette page 4
Susanne Sklar: Transfiguration page 19
David Fallon: ‘My left foot’, Milton and Blake page 20
Brian Louis Pearce: Bunhill Fielders page 36
Will Easton: William Blake and the Culture of Slavery in the Late 1780s & 1790s page 38
Bill Goldman: The Other Side page 61
Susanne Sklar: Jacob Boehme & Blake’s Jerusalem page 63
Charlotte Davies: Blake and Costume in the Songs of Innocence and of Experience page 74
Angus Whitehead: ‘But, Kitty, I better love thee’, George Richmond’s Annotation to ‘Song [I love the jocund dance]’ in Volume II of Gilchrist’s Life of William Blake (1863) page 87
Jennifer Schofield: Encounters with Blake page 98
Reviews: by Angus Whitehead, Andrew Solomon, Susanne Sklar, and Minne Tanaka page 102