Blake Journal 8

Chad E. Rackowitz: “Auguries of Innocence”, Blake’s Fractal Poem page 4
Shirley Mungapen: Catherine Blake’s Fireside page 28
Angus Whitehead: “William Blocke”, New References to Blake in Boyle’s City Guide (1797) and Boyle’s City Companion (1798) page 30
Shirley Mungapen: Little Girl Lost page 47
Jason Whittaker: “The poetical vigour of history”, Blake’s use of Milton’s History of Britain page 50
Jim McCord: 17 South Molton Street page 64
Susanne Sklar: Jerusalem’s Embrace page 67
Shirley Mungapen: Dennis Severs’ Silk-Weaver’s House, Spi¬talfields page 75
Kathleen Raine remembered: by Andrew Vernède and Mary Gifford Brown page 81
Reviews by Will Easton, Andrew Solomon, Peter Cadogan and Tim Heath page 87