Blake Journal 7

Editorial page 3
The Blake Society page 4
Obituary: Sir Peter Parker page 5
Michael Grenfell: John Cowper Powys and William Blake page 6
Andrew Solomon: Romney and Blake page 18
G.E. Bentley: “My Name is Legion: for We are Many” page 24
Jason Whittaker: Newton’s Compass: From Blake to Britart page 33
Andrew Solomon: Blake and Music page 46
Linda Landers: Print from The Lamb page 50
Chris Rubinstein: The Mental Traveller & Lyrical Ballads 1798 page 51
Keri Davies: G.E. Bentley Jr., The Stranger from Paradise page 62
Sunao Vagabond: Patrick Menneteau, La Folie dans la Poesie de William Blake page 70
Michael Grenfell: Blake on CD page 74
Notes on Contributors page 77