Blake Journal 6

Editorial page 3
The Blake Society page 4
Peter Cochran: Blake, Byron & the Blushing Archangels page 5
Susanne Sklar: Apocatastasis Now—Blake’s Jerusalem page 18 
Tim Heath: Botanical Blake page 26
Angela Esterhammer: Words and Action in Blake’s Songs page 38
Mark Jeoffroy: The Book of Moonlight page 48
Dee Drake: Blake’s Hecate page 50
Mark Jeoffroy: God Judging Adam page 60
Jay Beichman: The Marriage of Heaven & Hell page 62
Letters page 74
K.E. Smith: Michael Phillips, William Blake, The Creation of the Songs page 76
Michael Grenfell: William Blake at the Tate 9th Nov. 2000–11th Feb. 2001 page 79
Andrew Solomon, William Blake’s ‘Great Task’ page 81
Blake on CD page 83
Yorgos Tsakiris 
Jah Wobble
Urthona Magazine page 85
Notes on Contributors page 87