Blake Journal 10

Kevin Fischer: Converse in the Spirit, Blake and Boehme page 5
Jim McCord: At the Gates of Death. Poem page 25
Morton Paley: “Two Congenial Beings from Another Sphere”, Blake and Coleridge page 26
Jim McCord: No Bonnet Rouge. Poem page 46
Andrew Solomon: Mental Fight page 48
Jim McCord: Visiting the Linnells. Poem page 65
Rumyana Hristova: Blake, Dante, and the Bogomils page 67
Mavis Howard: In Paradiso. Poem page 86
Eugenie Freed: on Magnus Ankarsjö’s William Blake and Gender page 88
Jim McCord: Elisha in the Chamber on the Wall. Poem page 96
Angus Whitehead: on William Blake’s Milton adapted and performed by Richard Ramsbotham page 98
Magnus Ankarsjö: on Patti Smith at St. James’ Church, Piccadilly. London page 103
Tim Heath: Introduction to the 2006 Blake Society Annual Lecture page 106
Contributors page 109