Blake Journal 3

Editorial page 3
David Worrall: Mrs Q page 4
Valerie Parslow: Blake and Gnosis page 20
Michael Grenfell: A Blakean Manifesto page 32
Sunao Vagabond: God, Man, George Steiner and Me page 35
Andrew Solomon: To Build Jerusalem page 43
James Bogan: London Stone—a Print of 1791 page 51
Hatsuko Niimi: Soetsu Yanagi’s William Blake page 52
Peter Cadogan: George Goyder page 60
Adrian Peeler: Impressions of Jeanne Moskal’s Blake, Ethics and Forgiveness page 63
Conference at St Mary’s University College 18.04.98, Blake and the Book page 75
Book Reviews
The Tyger, the Lamb,and the Terrible Desart, by Stanley Gardner: review by Sir Peter Parker page 76
William Blake and the Daughters of Albion, by Helen P. Bruder: review by Christopher Rubinstein page 78
Romanticism and the Androgynous Sublime, by Warren Stevenson: review by Christopher Rubinstein page 82
Information page 84
Notes on Contributors page 85