Blake Journal 5

The Blake Society page 4
Editorial page 5
The Peripatetic Painter and the Stroke of Genius: G.E. Bentley Jr. page 7
William Blake’s Ladder: W.H. Stevenson page 23
Bookworks, by Linda Landers: Michael Grenfell page 33
On Cecil Collins: Linda Anne Landers page 35
Blake and Gnosticism: Michael Grenfell page 40
“What do You think?” readers’ responses page 54
“To Rise from Generation Free”: Andrew Solomon page 58
Blake in Russia: Galina Yakovleva page 69
Allen Ginsberg and Blake: Franca Bellarsi page 71
An Analysis of William Blake’s Early Writings and Designs to 1790 including Songs of Innocence, by K.E. Smith: review by Andrew Lincoln page 87
William Blake and the Myths of Britain, by Jason Whittaker: review by Sunao Vagabond page 90
The Blake Project, Finn Coren: review by Michael Grenfell page 94
Music Inspired by William Blake, by Francis James Brown: review by Andrew Solomon page 96
Information page 97
Notes on Contributors page 98