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Central School of Speech & Drama
62-64 Eton Avenue, London NW3 3HY

Reading any poetry aloud is a wonderful experience that brings an added
dimension to a work. This is never more true than for the poetry of Blake.
Like any performance though, a reading can sap the life from a poem
and obscure its meaning. The good news is that anyone can learn how to
avoid this sad fate. In this workshop we will draw on the experience of the
leading performance poetry expert, Jane Boston, to gain skills that will help
to enrich both the readers and the audience’s pleasure.

In the year in which the Blake Society begins the systematic recording of
all Blake’s poetry to make it freely available, we hope to gather together a
group who are each interested in producing one poem. This workshop will
focus on the specific skills needed to make a great recording.

Jane Boston is Head of International Voice with an interest in the
contemporary performance of verse and in particular the place in voice
training of the Romantic Poets.

Booking essential, please email to reserve your space.

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