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Midnight Tuesday 18 October 2011

House of William Blake, 17 South Molton Street, London W1K 5QT

Visionary Heads  is not a typical monthly event. It won’t be a lecture or a performance or an artist‘s tribute.  We are not sure what it is. Transfiguration often turns upon something you have never experienced before, or a vision.

The venue is 17 South Molton Street, Blake’s only surviving London home where he lived with his wife Catherine for 18 years, and where he painted A Ghost of a Flea – perhaps his most famous visionary head.

Around the years 1818-1820, Blake and John Varley, the watercolour artist and astrologer, would meet up together late at night and wait for the arrival of those visitors, long dead, who survive in the sketchbook known as the Visionary Heads.

Their concepts of what vision is differed amply, yet in these gatherings they found a common ground through art and friendship  for a vision to be made manifest.

So what is vision? How or what or who do you want to see, and how great is your desire? Do you see with words or images or arguments? Will it be someone dead long ago, someone who has never existed, a memory, an event, or a landscape, an architecture,  or the spectre in your life that you have never dared to face?  Or are visions just a vehicle for breaking through society’s conventions to explore a deeper friendship with another person? Or are visions real and it’s we who are the chimera?

We hope that the evening will touch on the essence of what vision means for each of us. If we are steadfast and inspired, we may be granted a vision in the small hours …

For reasons of space, there can only be ten of us present at this event.

The event will end at 3 am.

Please bring a candle. 

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