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12 Noon Sunday 18 September 2011

Peckham Rye

(meet at the café next to the carpark on the Rye)

[For a map, Google SE15 3UA]


Angels and the Replanting of the Lost Angel Oak


Adriana Díaz Enciso, John Hartley, Martin Sexton


Blake claimed, ‘The Angel that presided over my birth said, Little

creature, formed of Joy and Mirth, Go, love without the help of

anything on Earth’. The child obeyed, and on rambles that radiated

from the city, he found the angels again sitting in an oak on

Peckham Rye. We mean to find the angels too – on this earth and

in our hearts – led by words, art and vision. A walk that becomes a

tree of many roots and branches, culminating with the horticultural

planting of a reawakened tree – the lost Angel Oak of Peckham Rye.


Adriana Díaz Enciso was born in Mexico and has lived in London

for the past twelve years. She’s the author of several books of poetry

and fiction and has recently finished writing her fourth novel,

Ciudad doliente de Dios, a question about the meaning of human

pain centred on the characters of Blake’s Prophetic Poems and a

quest to find the sacred city of Golgonooza.


John Hartley is a London based artist and director of the Difference

Exchange – placing critical artistic practice in provocative contexts.

He worked for the Arts Council England engaging the arts with

architecture, ecology and the environment. John works as a

practicing visual artist and directs a collaborative experimental

music group. He was co-founder of Transition Sydenham and hosts

a community radio programme on sustainability.


Martin Sexton is a London-based artist & writer and says ‘With my

writing practice I somehow feel the books or poems I want to read

do not yet exist, so somehow like the Fabulist of old, I have to write

them in order to read them. I confess that the notions of Time &

Love play powerfully within me and inhabit much if not all of my

explorations.’ His art and installations have been widely exhibited

in the UK and abroad, and he has published several books.

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