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6.30pm Tuesday 12 October 2010

The City of Westminster Archives Centre10 St. Ann’s Street, London SW1P 2DE – just off Parliament Square.


Adriana Díaz Enciso    The Politics of Revelation


Imagine a beautiful landscape in southern Mexico, emerald foggy mountains rolling as far as the eye can see.  Just before Christmas, a massacre in a ravine in their midst taints them forever.Where is the redemption for such grief?  Where the soul?,  wonders a Mexican writer who believes that art saves lives and that means souls.Blake haunted her since she was a teenager and she didn’t know why, though she could guess: he never wavered.  He saw through the other side. He created immortal beauty.  He condemned the horrors of his age with words and images that are timeless, universal.The horrors of her country make her feel torn. Activists do not believe in the soul, or the eternal. Artists hide behind their precious works and refuse to see the splattered blood.  It is time to turn to William Blake. She takes his Prophetic Poems‘ characters and starts writing a novel, astride the visionary and what we call real life.  Mexico City merges with London and Golgonooza.  Orc‘s incarnation is possessed by a young man who is crucified on top of an extinct volcano that commands a landscape of heavenly beauty …


Adriana Díaz Enciso was born in Mexico and has lived in London for the past eleven years. She’s the author of several books of poetry and fiction and has an inordinate love for London as a space of revelations and literary wonder, about which she’s currently writing a book.

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