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6.30pm Tuesday 6 July 2010

The City of Westminster Archives Centre

10 St. Ann’s Street, London SW1P 2DE – just off Parliament Square.

Tymon Dogg and Susan de Muth

Burning Bright In Concert

Tymon Dogg has set seventeen of William Blake’s short poems to music
and together with Susan de Muth is developing a theatrical spectacle
around these songs – a selection of which Tymon will perform live tonight.

The theatrical project eschews a linear narrative, drawing instead on the
stories and meaning within each song and finding in the whole an abstract
philosophical narrative which captures Blake’s own perception of existence
as  ‘continually building, continually decaying’. As befits William Blake,
the result is a new kind of theatre, an aural and visual celebration of the
Imagination, encompassing many performance disciplines including puppetry,
pyrotechnics, holograms and film.

‘We welcome the chance to share a selection of the songs with the Blake Society
and to present a brief description of the theatrical event. Afterwards we look
forward to your feedback and conversation.

’Tymon Dogg is a singer~songwriter whose career stretches over 40 years during
which time he has collaborated with a wide variety of bands and individuals from
the Moody Blues in the 60s to the Clash in the 80s;  he was in Joe Strummer’s
Mescaleros until the latter’s untimely death in 2002 and wrote the music for someof Strummer’s most significant songs. Tymon plays many instruments including violin,
piano, guitar and a harp of his own invention. The Blake project represents an
evolution in Tymon’s music, centred around strong melodies, touching on several
genres from folk to classical whilst retaining his own – and Blake’s – peculiar integrity.

Susan de Muth is a writer & translator and has directed several theatre pieces including
‘The Greatest Ever dada Show’ which toured widely including Tate Modern and the
Liverpool Biennale. Her translations include Mayakovsky, Louis Aragon and many Dada
and surrealist texts.

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