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12 Noon Sunday 15 August 2010
38 City Road London EC1Y 1AU

Bunhill Fields

By tradition the Society meets in Bunhill Fields at noon on the Sunday under the arc of the date of death and the date of burial of William Blake. The Bunhill celebration dates back to the birth of the Society and is an event in the calendar that is open to anyone to participate or perform without notice or election. Come and read a poem, sing some mathematical logic or repair with us to a nearby hostelry for lunch and conversation.

In addition this year Robin Hatton-Gore will talk about the topography of the area and will triangulate Bunhill Fields with the graveyard of the Wesley Chapel and the Quaker Burial Ground.

Robin Hatton-Gore was the gardener in charge of Bunhill Fields for several years and is completing a book on the importance of this area to the Dissenting tradition.

Within the dissenters graveyard lie the graves of several nonconformist ministers including the Reverend Thomas Bayes (1702-1761).

‘Given the number of times in which an unknown event has happened and failed [then] the chance that the probability of its happening in a single trial lies somewhere between any two degrees of probability that can be named’ (Thomas Bayes)

P(G/C) = P(C/G) x P(G) /P(C)

Bayes’ Theorem has been used by the CIA and MI5 to predict acts of dissent based on the few degrees of probability that can be named.

So the probability of the Blake Society marking the grave of William Blake in 2010 lies somewhere between …

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