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Nash, Paul; Eclipse of the Sunflower;

Wednesday 19 April 2017 at 7.00 pm
Waterstones Bookshop, 203-206 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HD

The influence of William Blake and Samuel Palmer on British artists of the inter-war years

Late in his lifetime, Blake inspired a small coterie of artists, The Ancients, and Samuel Palmer in particular; a century on, however, his art influenced a Neo-Romantic envisioning that flourished through the inter-war years.
This evening we’ll explore woodcuts, drawings and paintings by Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland, Cecil Collins and others who sought the spirit and mystery of the British landscape.

Dr M L Banting has a background in Russian Studies and Women’s Studies, and has for a number of years tutored on Russian and British art. His current focus is on British art of the early 20th century.

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7.00 pm Friday 17 March 2017
Waterstones Bookshop, 203-206 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HD

The Ginger Light is the unique collaboration between the acclaimed poet and author Jeremy Reed and the musician and producer Itchy Ear. Ginger Light is an attempt to blur the boundaries that exist between spoken word, music, sound design and song. Together they create a performance dynamic unparalleled in British poetry.
Jeremy Reed was acclaimed by JG Ballard as ‘the most gifted poet working today’; his poetry, fiction and performances are singularly inimitable in their opposition to grey mainstream poetry. Jeremy has published over 40 books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, winning prestigious literary prizes like the Somerset Maugham Award. On coming to live in London in the 1980s his first patron was the artist Francis Bacon. Bjork has called his work ‘the most beautiful, outrageously brilliant poetry in the world.’
For this evening Jeremy has devised a special set focusing on Soho and Blake whom ‘I still feel walking down Broadwick Street, busy and radiating light’.

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The meeting of Coleridge and Blake in fact and imagination
7.00 pm Wednesday 22 February 2017
Waterstones Bookshop, 203-206 Piccadilly, London W1J 9HD

When the Swedenborgian Charles Tulk introduced Blake and Coleridge he described their meeting and conversation thus: ‘Blake and Coleridge, when in company seemed like congenial beings from another sphere, breathing for a while on our earth’. Unfortunately he doesn’t tell us what they actually said. In this talk Malcolm Guite will try to tease out what they had in common, particularly in their theology of Imagination.

Malcolm Guite is a poet and priest, working as Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge. He also teaches at the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge and lectures widely in England and North America on Theology and Literature. He is the author of The Singing Bowl: Collected Poems (2013), Theology and the Poetic Imagination (2010) and Faith Hope and Poetry: What do Christians Believe? (2006). A spiritual biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, to be called Mariner, will be published in 2017. Malcolm was the inaugural artist in residence at Duke Divinity School in the USA in September 2014, and ‘Visionary in Residence’ at Biola in Los Angeles in March 2015. His poetry was used in ‘Passion: a contemporary journey to the cross’ a performance in Dance, Word and Music, which toured a number of English Cathedrals in 2015. Malcolm Guite has a particular interest in the imagination as a truth-bearing faculty and continues to reflect deeply on how poetry can stimulate and re-awaken our prayer life.

Th event is free for both members and non-members of the Blake Society. However if you are coming then Waterstones would like to know in order to organise hospitality. The link to affirm can be found here:
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